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The Business CV , founded in 2013, is one of the most recognized medium-sized law firms in Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA, England, Dubai - The Business CV is considered as a specialized law firm for particularly complicated disputes/advice.


The Business CV addresses both Luxembourgish clients (companies, administrations and individuals) and foreign clients who need assistance in Luxembourgish, German, American, French, English, Italian, Spanish and international law, etc. The law firm -The Business CV- is known for its very high level of expertise.  It has an excellent reputation in international law.  It also specializes in labor law, social law, tax law and constitutional law in the USA and England.

For several years, The Business CV law firm has been increasingly involved in disputes in the financial and banking sector. The firm has a very strong team in public law and administrative law with a focus on public procurement law and state planning law.

The Business CV also advises numerous clients on commercial and corporate law, international